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Saratoga Springs, New York




“Can I help you carry your bags and cooler?” said Christopher Latty, NYPD police officer, at his first encounter with OBGYN Dr. Paul-Ann Green. Accepting an invitation to Long Beach from a mutual friend, Paul-Ann was looking forward to some fun-under-the-sun. She kindly accepted Christopher’s generous offer and took note of the chivalrous detail. In introspect, Paul-Ann thought her new friend had coy looks and a charming smile.

After settling their belongings on the sand, Christopher invited Paul-Ann to a game of Frisbee. What began as a friendly match for recreational purposes soon became a flirtatious play at each other’s hearts. The unrelenting opponents lasted 3 continuous hours at what is now referred to by their friends as “the epic game of catch”.


“Elegant and airy” were the specifications Paul-Ann provided to us during our first meeting. “While we do not have a large number of guests, I would like for them to feel as if it were a grand affair. Have the details feel as big as our love.” We knew of just the location that would meet and exceed their expectations and personality. Nestled in the charming city of Saratoga Springs, lies a boutique hotel unlike any other. With quaint historicism and intimate setting, the Adelphi Hotel, was perfect. Mentioning the location to Paul-Ann triggered an immediate response. She was well acquainted with Saratoga Springs. During her time in medical school, Paul-Ann would drive out to the scenic town in search of a quiet nook to focus on her studies. Coincidentally enough, most times, that happened to be a small coffee shop across from the hotel. She quickly acknowledged the detail as a heaven-sent sign, thus beginning the plans for their memorable nuptials.



The strapless beaded-bodice, corset back bridal gown by Maggie Sottero left our bride in awe the moment she slipped it on at Kleinfeld Bridal.

IMG_1611-2 copy.jpeg

A signature wedding scent from Jo Malone added a unique touch to Paul-Ann & Christopher’s wedding. The custom-tailored fragrance, an indulgence of pear, freesia, jasmine and spices, permeated the bridal grounds and engulfed the senses.

The look of happiness

The look of happiness

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We kept

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Guests gathered to presence the love between Paul-Ann & Christopher. With every passing word the couple became increasingly emotional. Every memory made, every experience shared and the thoughts of the many more to come brought tears to their eyes.


After the ceremony, the guests were guided to the cocktail hour in the Blue Hen. The glass house structure allowed for plenty of light to shine through in-keeping with the airy feel of the balloons and greenery. As the night soon appeared it led way to romantic star gazing and cocktails. Guests were asked to place their wishes for the newly-wed couple on the bridal balloons. Love was in the air!



“Elegant and airy”, We kept the design cohesive but different all throughout the spaces. Guests had something to look forward to with every passing moment. Paul-Ann & Christopher loved the overall feel of the evening.

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The bridal party entrance set the tone for the evening. With flags in the air and a dance party selection of music, Paul-Ann & Christopher along with their guests celebrated the night away.

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Bespoke Dress Shirts: Tom James

Bridal Gown: Maggie Sottero Bridal

Bridal Gown Salon: Kleinfeld Bridal

Bridal Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Bridesmaids Gowns: White by Vera Wang

Cake Tailor: GingerSnap Cake Shop | Sandy Previty

Ceremony/Reception Venue: The Adelphi Hotel | Connie Slocum

Cinematography: Bokeh Film Studios | Mike Zale

Event Design: Diana La Mere Events | Diana Then

Floral Design: The Posie Peddler | Gretchen Squires

Groom & Groomsmen Tuxedos : The Black Tux

Hair/Makeup: Before and After Salon | Kevin Jackson

Live Streaming: Dave Bigler Photos & Films | Dave Bigler

MC/DJ: DJ Spynfo “Mr. Matrimony” | Michael Eagan

Officiant: Reverend Joy Burke

Photography: Silent Moment Photography | Kelcey Foster

Stationery: Monique Lhuillier Fine Paper

Wedding Planning: Diana La Mere Events | Diana Then

Wedding Scent: Jo Malone






Photography Courtesy of  DLM

Photography Courtesy of DLM


I had the distinct pleasure of having 10 minutes to interview Bridal Couture Designer, Galia Lahav, at the launch of Bridal Reflections in NYC. She begins by greeting me with a kiss on each cheek as her floral scent engulfs my senses. She observes my excitement and lifts a gentle yet poised hand in a welcome to take a seat; hands that have crafted some of the most luxurious bridal gowns ever seen, wise beyond their years. As she carefully adjusts her chic attire, the light radiates off of her like a spotlight and I take it as my cue to begin with my questions.

DLM: "We loved what you designed for Elite Model Emina Cunmulaj for her nuptials, how do you go about designing a gown to suit the body type and personality of each beautiful bride to be?"

GL: "Thank you! It was a pleasure to work with Emina. Our designs are not modest rather extravagant and intricate in design. Our discerning brides understand, appreciate and love our signature style and know what they want in relation to what we can design. They will bring the ideas they hold near and dear to their heart with them to our design meetings and trust us to execute them flawlessly. Because of the trust they place into our creative process, we are able to bring their visions to life. 


Stay true to what you love. It will ensure confidence as a woman and radiate happiness as a bride
— Galia Lahav


The bride already has a good idea of what looks best on her and so she should, who better to know it than them having had their body for a lifetime. Their personality is what will make the gown special as we begin the sketches. From the bust to the hips, every gown is made unique to the bride's body and keeps to our high standard for quality fashion. In all elements of creating a bridal gown, I believe it must be intimate and personal and thus the personality of the bride shines through."

Elite Model, Emina Cunmulaj on her wedding day wearing Galia Lahav.   Photography Courtesy of Emina Cunmulaj's Twitter.

Elite Model, Emina Cunmulaj on her wedding day wearing Galia Lahav. Photography Courtesy of Emina Cunmulaj's Twitter.


DLM: "How many hours of custom details, embroidery, sewing, and all other go into the making of a breathtaking Galia Lahav Gown?"

GL: "From our first meet and greet, to design, conception, and detailing our gowns may take anywhere between 200-500 hours to make and sometimes more. We have over 100 employees with teams of specialists, each in their respective field, that will bring your dream to fruition. All of our gowns are made by the top seamstresses in the world and the finest luxury techniques."

Sketching at The Studio of Galia Lahav in Tel Aviv.   Photography Courtesy of Galia Lahav.

Sketching at The Studio of Galia Lahav in Tel Aviv. Photography Courtesy of Galia Lahav.

A world class seamstress adding an embellishment to a bridal gown.   Photography by David Bachar.

A world class seamstress adding an embellishment to a bridal gown. Photography by David Bachar.


DLM: "What silhouette(s) do you steer away from and why?"

GL: "I find beauty in all silhouettes. For me there is no such thing as an ugly silhouette. As a designer you are constantly reinventing and redefining fashion, pushing the levels of creativity to create beauty and uniqueness with every design all while pleasing each bride. It takes just a brief moment of retrospect to admire a different silhouette and make it avant garde "


DLM: "What words of advice would you give to a bride when designing their gown?"

GL: "Stay true to what you love. It will ensure confidence as a woman and radiate happiness as a bride. This is an incredibly emotional time in ones life and many opinions may sway your direction. Do not let trends or the opinion of others determine what you select for your wedding day. Let it come from your heart and without regrets."

DLM: "What should we look forward to for the next collection of Galia Lahav?"

GL: "For our following collection, Victorian Affinity, we were inspired by the Victorian Era and Jeanne Margaine Lacroix, a designer whose creations gave us a fresh take on how we perceive femininity. Adding our touch of romance by playing with the dichotomy of the more modern sheer fabrics and the intricate lace elements well known during this time. The end result is a celebration of womanhood in all its enchanting glory. We cannot wait for our future brides to see the collection. "

Galia Lahav's over 25 years in the atelier business is unparalleled. Her lavish gowns with immaculate details and first-class fit has warrant her aristocratic and celebrity client's such as Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, and Olivia Munn among others. In November of 2016, for her art form and craft, Galia Lahav's fashion house was recognized by Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture as a true haute couture house. Her eponymous brand with its luxurious aesthetics and intricacies will continue to be one of our personal favorites. Our brides remain in reverie long after their weddings with Galia's masterpieces. -


Special thanks to Sophisticated Weddings Magazine and Bridal Reflections NYC for organizing the interview.